Monday, March 17, 2014

Welcome to Paper Sayings!

I'm no stranger to the blogging world. I started out as a mom blogger when my kids were tiny (10 years ago). Now that they have grown bigger and a tad resistant to showing their antics on the internet, I have changed my venue. 

Way back when (7/12 years ago), we moved to a new town. A new town meant new friends, new church, new schools, and new baby! After Tiger was born I decided that I needed an outlet, a chance to do what I wanted and a chance to meet ladies in this new town of ours. 

I attended a Stamp Class and have never looked back. Now I have my own studio that's filled with pretty papers, crafty tools, glitter, and lots of glue. For some reason something about making a large amount of invitations calms me. I love it!

Being a wife of a web designer I have been taught a thing or two. I know just enough to cause trouble. By that time it's time for the hubs or A.K.A Mr. Right to step in and undo what I have done.  I love designing on the computer but it's not as fun (to me) as real paper. 

You can always find me in my studio designing something fun! I can't wait to share it with you!

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