Friday, September 19, 2014

Hey Ya'll!!!

Life had gotten crazy busy the last 6 months or so. Summer did not allow me to do a whole lot of crafting. It's hard when you have all of the kids home with you. Once i go into my studio, they become like cats and want to be right on me when I'm trying to make something. That's not good when you pull out the glitter . 

Just say'n . . .

Now that school is back in session and my boys are currently knee deep in homework, Lego Club and Drama, I can finally sit down (uninterrupted) and tend to my badly neglected blog. *whew*. 

Business is doing great! I now have cards at Reflections Hair Salon in High Point, NC. So if you are out that way and need to get your hair did, check out my stash over there! 

Back in April I was asked to bring what I had made in my studio to a fun gift shop in Summerfield, NC. It keeps me on my toes but I love it!

They have the most talented artist featured there. Jewelry, clothing, home decor, and so much more. It's TrenDee is owned by the coolest mom ever! Deanna is super fun and wonderful to work with. I always walk away feeling blessed when I'm there.  

Not only are my paper goods there, but I also have tile coasters as well. Monogrammed ones, Decoupaged ones, and even NC ones like this one!

This fall it will be all about getting Holiday cards, and gifts ready for the shop and a few vendor fairs for Christmas. It will be a busy time but I plan to start early. So says a momma with three kids. We shall see how that goes. 

So, if you find yourself in Summerfield, NC  go visit It's TrenDee and check out all the fun stuff. It's located on 220 N. across the street from Food Lion . Say "Hi" to Deanna and Sarah while you're there. 

If you live too far away, no problem!! Just visit It's TreeDee online and shop till your heart's content!

Friday, March 21, 2014

A Note for the Teacher ~ Printable

You say every year you are going to be organized when school starts and sign papers, permission slips, write notes to the teacher, and fill out forms.  That last about a week and then we tend to think oh I'll just get up early and do this. NOT!!!

I don't know how many times I have done that then remembered at the last minute that I had to write a note saying that my son was going home with his friend after school.  It seems like it takes 15 minutes just to find a pen and paper to write with. UGH!

It's time to end that  mad dash to find pen and paper, not to mention the time it takes to write EVERY SINGLE WORD out legibly. It never seems to end up legibly and probably makes the teacher cringe and wonders who in the world is helping with homework.

 I came up with this easy form to help combat those rush job notes to the teacher. It has made my life a little easier and I wanted to share it with you. I made this one using the spring colors, Crisp Cantaloupe and Daffodil Delight. So pretty!!

Click here to download!

Monday, March 17, 2014

She's Baltimore Bound

Meet Kylie Ward, my daughter's best friend since the fourth grade. Both of our families had just moved to the area and both girls started at a new school around the same time. Kylie and Michaela were always together. Soon after that first day they were making up music videos, having sleep overs, going to camp together and just being their crazy fun filled selves.

It has been an amazing journey to watch these girls as they have

grown up. Each having their own lives yet still take the time to see each other every once in a while. Kylie became my "other daughter" and the boys included her and treated her like another sibling. She will always be a part of the family no matter how old she gets!

So when I heard that she wanted to travel to Baltimore with our Church over the summer, I didn't hesitate to want to help her.
From today until March 27, all proceeds from Paper Sayings will go toward helping Kylie serve the people of Baltimore's inner city.

Visit my shop and help out this beautiful, God fearing, young lady!!